Lydia Ramushu

Lydia Ramushu

Sea Point

Lydia Ramushu

I started my journey as a client, I had a lot of health issues that were a norm in my life. I was always looking for solutions because I never felt I was at my optimal health.

After achieving amazing results with Sevenpointfive, I was motivated to help others by becoming a consultant myself. I always assumed that my lifestyle was healthy but this journey was an eye opener and so educational.

A change of lifestyle might be one of the most difficult things to do and few have the will to make such difficult changes as they are long time immersed in a lifestyle that incorporates their friends, family, work, and their routines.

One the benefits of live blood analysis is being motivated to make the necessary lifestyle changes, and see the positive impact of this. Using Live blood analysis, you will not only feel your health improve, but see your blood improve.

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